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  • Phone Systems and Unified Messaging

    Phone Systems and Unified Messaging

    Just like any technology that involves a processor (smart phone, PC, etc.), a person often discovers that most brands can accomplish similar functions, but certain models simply outshine others in performance in varying areas. Phone systems are no different. There are specific features or applications that one brand can do more effectively than another.

    Southeastern Communications Services has extensively researched different communications platforms throughout the years and carefully chosen which brands to represent. This allows a wide range of options for our clients, instead of trying to fit them into a specific system that may not be the best solution.



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  • HD Videoconferencing

    HD Videoconferencing

    For years, video conferencing was perceived as a technology reserved for large enterprises with deep pockets and international workforces. However, companies of all sizes can utilize video conferencing on a daily basis. Recent innovations such as cloud-based solutions and virtualized infrastructure make deploying video conferencing easier and more affordable than ever before.

    Video conferencing makes your talent pool limitless by removing geographic boundaries. It eliminates the need for travel and replicates in-person collaboration. Video helps you better manage a remote workforce by cultivating face-to-face relationships. Whether you have a team of two or a team of two hundred, LifeSize solutions can help your company succeed.

    LifeSize is a pioneer and world leader in high-definition video collaboration. Designed to make video conferencing truly universal, LifeSize solutions are simple to buy, adopt, support and use. Offering video conferencing systems and software applications as well as a full line of video infrastructure, available on premise or in the cloud, LifeSize is committed to Universal Video Collaboration. With LifeSize, customers can participate in large multiparty HD calls, live streaming and recording, and collaboration on any mobile device, on any network, all at the highest level of quality. LifeSize was founded in 2003 and acquired by Logitech in 2009.


  • Network Cabling/Infrastructure

    Network Cabling/Infrastructure

    Any successful VoIP implementation is dependent on its network backbone. SCS can help troubleshoot and pinpoint problem areas in existing networks, or help design and install a completely new infrastructure. Our goal is that if you have a wiring need, we can handle it all.

    Our structured cabling includes Coax, Twisted Pair (CAT3, CAT5e, CAT6), and Fiber Optic infrastructures.

    Please also see the School Intercom/Paging Systems for more information about our audio solutions.

  • Managed Service Programs

    SCS Managed Service Programs

    Protect your investment. SCS is committed to providing the best service in the industry by offering a flexible and affordable way to keep your valuable communications equipment running in top condition. Our businesses clients can choose from our different managed service packages, which can include any combination of the following: parts warranties, software assurance, included service labor, and high priority service.

    Here are some of the reasons why SCS Complete Care is good for your business:

    • Routine maintenance and upkeep prolongs the life of your system.
    • A reasonable investment in system maintenance prevents a potentially large expense in the event that major components are inoperable (CPU, Voicemail, etc.)
    • Your staff can take advantage of periodic training courses for both existing and new employees.
    • Piece of mind without surprises. No more second-guessing of whether or not to call for service.
    • One call to SCS for all your telecommunications needs. We will coordinate with your service provider when there is a service issue.
    • Our response times are the fastest in the area. Our customers determine what is classified as an emergency. Our emergency service response time is typically within 2 hours, and non-emergency service is handled within a 24-hour time frame.

    Call us today, to customize a Complete Care Plan that is right for your business!

    The entire staff of SCS recognizes that recommendations and referrals come only from satisfied customers, who have had a satisfactory sales, installation and service experience. Our customers are our lifeblood. We cannot afford to treat them any other way.

  • School Intercom/Paging Systems

    School Intercom / Paging Systems

    Bogen Engineered Systems

    When it comes to paging and intercom needs, SCS has successfully implemented several audio solutions for various industries. Trusted brands such as TOA and Bogen enable SCS to offer an extensive selection of products and services for business. From paging horns that announce over loud machinery to ceiling speakers for background music or white noise, we have a solution.

    The TOA modular mixers/amplifiers are widely recognized as the industry standard in installed sound system amplification. When reliability and performance are critical – such as in paging and music distribution for airport, hospital, and industrial sound systems – you can count on the TOA series to perform consistently, day-in and day-out.

    TOA speakers provide intelligible voice paging and tone signaling for indoor and outdoor sound system applications. Whether an organization needs weather-resistant paging horns, functional ceiling speakers, or stylishly designed interior speaker varieties, TOA has a speaker solution with a wide range of power ratings.

    Bogen's Quantum Multicom IP is a comprehensive communications network that connects administrative areas and staff locations in a single building, in multiple building sites throughout a school campus, or an entire school district. It is filled with a variety of quality features and functions you can rely on every day for routine communications as well as depend on should an emergency situation occur. Quantum uses the LAN/WAN connections for programming and sending of audio messages and pages so there is no need for dedicated intercom cables between buildings or across long distances. Zone paging and All-Call Emergency Paging assures that messages sent from an Administrator location are distributed exactly and only to the desired location.

    Quantum Multicom IP Brochure (pdf) IP-Based Communications Solutions

    An Overview of Quantum Integrated School, Campus, & District Solutions

    Bogen’s Apogee loudspeakers offer some of the most advanced engineering in the world. We use proprietary drivers with special driver treatments, low resonant materials for horn flares, and exquisitely designed and crafted enclosures. A wide variety of models suit the needs of a broad scope of application requirements for speakers, subwoofers, and monitors in small to mid-sized corporate boardrooms, school auditoriums, restaurants, retail stores, houses of worship, sport venues, theme parks, etc.Apogee sound