ShoreTel Unified Communications

One network, countless benefits
ShoreTel’s distributed architecture provides a single image system for business sites spanning
any geography. It’s the foundation of our Pure IP solution: easy to use and maintain, and a
catalyst for productivity gains.

The ShoreTel IP Unified Communications (UC) system offers complete feature transparency
across your enterprise. Gone are the days of multiple PBXs and separate systems for voicemail,
automated attendant and Automatic Call Distribution. With ShoreTel’s UC system, the
phone system is distributed, the voice applications are integrated, and the management
interface is best in class.




Purpose built for scalability and reliability
The ShoreTel UC system encompasses phones, appliances, and software designed
for easy deployment, rapid flexibility, and world-class IP communications.
Incorporating an appliance-based hardware platform, the ShoreTel distributed architecture
makes each appliance and site an independent call processor that continues to operate
seamlessly in the event of a wide area network (WAN) failure. Unlike other solutions,
all servers can be disconnected from the ShoreGear appliances and the ShoreTel
phone system will continue to place and receive calls.

  • Built from the ground up for IP, not through acquisition like our competitors
  • Distributed architecture delivers high reliability and lowest total cost of ownership
  • A single image architecture is unique, allows businesses to be served by a single communication system unifying the enterprise
  • Easily managed from anywhere with ShoreTel Director: an intuitive browser-based interface that unifies everything
  • Applications are distributed and can run from anywhere in the system